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In the event of your home being destroyed (fire, earthquake etc), the sum insured determines the maximum value to be paid to to you in order to reinstate your home. This includes removal of the remains of your home and all costs through design, consent and build. The sum insured figure does not cover the land on which your home sits.

The value of the sum insured can vary depending on personal circumstances. For example, you may choose to cover the value of the outstanding home loan or you may choose a value which will enable you to rebuild your home in its entirety. From our teams experience, we can help find the most appropriate level of cover to suit your needs.

Not necessarily. We do business with the big insurance providers every day, so we certainly do get better rates from them which we pass on to you. Not only that, but we can save you the headache of shopping around. We’ll find you the right insurance product at a price that makes perfect sense to you.

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